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Spotlight on Excellence: My Run Team Athletes Shine at the 2023 Sporting Schools Nationals.

Coach Kel

25 Nov 2023

Spotlight on Excellence: My Run Team Athletes Shine at the 2023 Sporting Schools Nationals.


From November 23rd to 26th, the Northern Athletics Centre in Launceston, Tasmania, became a hub of athletic prowess during the Sporting Schools Nationals Championships. Our very own My Run Team was proudly represented by two remarkable athletes. Newcomer Jack Spencer made his debut after starting his training with us back on 15th August 2022, showcasing his speed in the 100m, while seasoned competitor William Bailey returned for his second year to demonstrate his versatility in the challenging combined event of 100m, long jump, shot put, and 800m.



All the best,

Kel Walker / Founder and Head Coach / My Run Team


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My Run Team Athletes Showcase Talent at Nationals


William's Stellar Performance


On Friday, William began his Nationals journey with two events: the Boys 11 years 100m and Long Jump. In a thrilling 100m heat, he clinched 1st place with a swift 13.58s, securing an overall 2nd place, just behind Finn Wilson of New South Wales. In the Long Jump, William delivered consistent jumps of 4.45m, 4.43m, and 4.22m, earning him 6th place and putting him in 2nd place overall with 559 points.


Continuing his momentum on Saturday, William took on the 2kg Shot Put, marking distances of 9.95m, 10.01m, and 9.47m, and finishing 5th in this event, adding 306 points to his tally.

Jack Spencer's Impressive Debut


Jack Spencer made a memorable debut in his first Nationals. Competing in the Boys 11 100m, he finished 3rd in the preliminaries with a time of 13.06s, securing the 7th seed for the finals.

Despite challenges, including two false starts by a competitor, Jack sprinted to victory with an exceptional 13.11s, tying with Patrick Kadima and surpassing George Lambousis, becoming the National Champion on his first attempt.

Chasing the Podium

 William returned to the track for the demanding 800m in the Combined event. Aiming for a challenging 75-second lap, he completed the first in 70 seconds but slowed down, finishing the race in 2:50.68, placing 11th and earning 251 points. His cumulative effort placed him 6th overall with 1116 points, while Callan Duddy from Victoria triumphed with 1247 points.


Jack then joined forces with George Lambousis for the Boys 11 4x100 relay, clinching 2nd place in a close 52.56s, just behind the winning Queensland team.

Medal-Winning Finishes


William concluded his Nationals campaign with the 4x800m Sprint Medley on Sunday, securing a bronze medal with a time of 1:51.86, narrowly trailing the victorious Victorian team.


A Testament to Training and Talent


We celebrate the remarkable achievements of both William and Jack. Their rigorous training and dedication were evident in their outstanding performances throughout the eventful weekend.


Earlier in the Month Highlights


Ben Prosenko: Rising Star in the Steeplechase and Middle-Distance Running

A Remarkable Performance at NSW Milers Competition

On the 14th of November, The Crest Athletics Track in Bass Hill, Sydney, witnessed a stellar performance from our own Ben Prosenko in the 2000 Steeplechase. Ben showcased his exceptional endurance and skill, completing the race in an impressive time of 7:09.79, securing 11th place. This timing was not just a testament to his athletic prowess but also marked a personal best (PB) for Ben, underscoring his continuous improvement and dedication in the challenging steeplechase event.

Consistent Excellence at the NSW 3000m Championships

Earlier, on the 4th of November, Ben participated in the NSW 3000m championships at ES Marks Athletics Track in Kensington, Sydney. In a field brimming with talent, he stood out with a remarkable performance in the J Race, clocking in at 10:31.83. This impressive feat earned him the 17th position and was 25 seconds faster than his previous personal best. Such a significant improvement in his personal record is a clear indication of Ben's growing mastery in middle-distance running.

A Bright Future Ahead

These recent performances at both the NSW Milers competition and the NSW 3000m championships highlight Ben Prosenko's growing stature in the athletics community. His dedication to improving his personal bests in each event is a source of inspiration for his teammates and young athletes aspiring to excel in track and field.

As Ben continues to train and compete, we look forward to more of his outstanding performances and celebrating his achievements in the future. His journey is a shining example of where hard work, perseverance, and a passion for athletics can lead.

Join Us in Celebrating Ben

We invite all members of the My Run Team and the broader athletics community to join us in celebrating Ben's achievements and supporting him in his upcoming events. His journey is a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence.


What's Ahead

Exciting Times Ahead: My Run Team Athletes Gear Up for Zone Championships

As we move into a thrilling phase of the athletic season, our My Run Team is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming Zone Championships. Our talented athletes, representing their respective Little Athletics Clubs, are set to showcase their skills and passion in this prestigious event.

State Athletes: Ben Proszeko and Pippa Lloyd-Shepherd

Ben Proszeko and Pippa Lloyd-Shepherd, our star middle-distance runners, are gearing up for a series of challenging events. Known for their prowess in the 400m, 800m, 1500m, and 3000m races, both athletes have been rigorously preparing to deliver their best performances yet. Their dedication and commitment to the sport have been evident in their training sessions, and we are excited to see them shine in their respective events.

National Athletes: William Bailey and Jack Spencer

On the sprints front, we have the dynamic duo of William Bailey and Jack Spencer. Fresh from their remarkable achievements at the national level, they are now focusing their sights on the 100m and 200m events. Known for their explosive speed and agility, William and Jack are training hard to maintain their edge and continue their streak of impressive performances.

The Marchant Siblings: Algie and Spencer

Rounding out our team are the Marchant siblings, Algie and Spencer, who have consistently made us proud in middle-distance events. Specializing in the 700m, 800m, and 1500m races, they bring a unique combination of endurance and speed to the track. Their synergy as siblings and teammates adds an exciting dynamic to the competition, and we are eager to witness their performance at the Zone Championships.

A Display of Team Spirit and Athletic Excellence

The Zone Championships represent not just a competition but a celebration of the spirit of athletics. Our athletes, each with their distinct strengths, embody the values of My Run Team: perseverance, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As they represent their clubs, they also carry the pride and support of the entire My Run Team community.

We invite all members, families, and supporters of My Run Team to join us in cheering for our athletes at the Zone Championships. Let's come together to celebrate their achievements and encourage them as they compete in their various specialty events.

Looking Forward to Celebratory Success

As these championships approach, we are confident that our athletes will display exceptional performances and make us proud. Stay tuned for updates and highlights from the event, as we look forward to celebrating their successes together.


Community spotlight


Welcoming New Talents to Our My Run Team Family

As we continue to grow and excel, My Run Team is thrilled to welcome a group of exceptional new athletes to our ranks. Each of these individuals brings a unique set of skills and aspirations, further enriching the diversity and talent of our team.

Clark and Julian: Football Players with a Need for Speed

First up, we're excited to introduce Clark and Julian, dynamic football players eager to enhance their speed and acceleration. Their journey from the football field to the track is a testament to their versatile athletic abilities and dedication to improving their performance. We are looking forward to assisting them in harnessing their natural agility and translating it into explosive speed on the track.

Joey: The Rising Star from St Aloysius High School

Joining us next is Joey, a promising sprinter from St Aloysius High School. Joey has already made a name for himself in high school competitions with his impressive sprinting abilities. His passion for the sport and commitment to excellence make him a valuable addition to our team. We are enthusiastic about nurturing his talent and helping him achieve new heights in his sprinting career.

Tilde: Making a Strong Comeback

We are also delighted to welcome Tilde, a talented sprinter from Burwood Girls High School. Tilde is making a commendable return to the track after a hiatus, bringing renewed vigor and determination to her sprinting endeavors. Her resilience and dedication to making a comeback are truly inspiring, and we are eager to support her journey back to the top of her game.

Josh: The Sprint Sensation from Trinity Grammar School

Last but certainly not least, we have Josh from Trinity Grammar School, an athlete who has already made a significant impact in the sprints. Josh's commitment and skills in sprinting are evident in his performances, and his addition to My Run Team is a major boost. We are excited to provide him with the platform and support he needs to flourish further in his sprinting career.

A Warm Welcome to All

To Clark, Julian, Joey, Tilde, and Josh, we extend our warmest welcome. You are now part of a community that values hard work, teamwork, and the pursuit of athletic excellence. We believe that each of you will bring your unique strengths to our team, and together, we will achieve great success.

Looking Ahead with Excitement

As we embark on this journey together, we look forward to the energy, perspectives, and achievements these athletes will bring to My Run Team. Let's all extend our support and encouragement to them as they integrate into our team and strive towards their individual and collective goals.

Welcome aboard, and let's run towards a future filled with success and remarkable achievements!


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