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Our Why!

Helping our runners to achieve their running best

At My Run Team we want to provide you with effective run coaching and guidance through a personalised program designed for your specific running goals in a supportive and passionate manner.

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Our Story

Coach Kel Walker, the founder of My Run Team, had a natural talent for most sports growing up in Queensland, including rugby league, rugby union, cricket, tennis, golf, and squash.

In 2016, Kel completed the Athletics Australia Level 2 Recreational Running Coaches course and the beginnings of My Run Team were formed.

Throughout COVID-19, Kel's coaching started to increase, and by early 2022, he left his full-time job as a Sports Administrator to focus on coaching his clients, hoping to pass on his knowledge and skills to help them achieve their running goals.

In 2023, Kel successfully finished the Level 3 Performance Development Coaches program offered by Athletics Australia. He remains committed to ongoing education, consistently updating his knowledge on the most current training and racing practices for our athletes.

Throughout his coaching career, Kel has helped numerous athletes achieve their running goals such as:

  • Run a Sub 2 hour Half Marathon

  • Run a Sub 4 hour Marathon

  • Complete their first endurance event (half and full marathon)

  • Achieve many PBs over various distances from 800m to the Marathon

  • Helped athletes qualify for Zone, Regional, State and National Track and Field Championships and cross-country championships.

After many years of training, research and study, Kel believes he can provide his clients with the most up-to-date information.

Kel has the following accreditations:

  • Level 1 Athletics Australia Community Athletics Coach

  • Level 2 Athletics Australia Recreational Running Coach

  • Level 3 Athletics Australia Performance Development Coach (Day 1 & 2)

  • Level 3 Athletics Australia Performance Development Coach (Day 3 & 4) Middle and Long Distance

  • ALTIS Coaching the Short Sprints Course

  • Athletics Australia Run Active Upskilling

  • Athletics Australia Sporting Schools Upskilling

  • Level 1 Officiating - Track

Kel has also undertaken a number of other courses so that he can pass on to you the most current knowledge to give you the absolute best opportunity to achieve your running goals. Some of these courses are:

  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association - Intro to S&C

  • Athletics Australia - Athlete Wellbeing & Mental Health

  • Athletics Australia - Becoming a better coach next season - Lessons from High-Performance Sport Conference

  • Athletics Australia - Better Sleep for Health & Athletics Performance

  • Athletics Australia - Coaching Better Every Season - Module 1: Coaching Purpose and Values

  • Athletics Australia - Coaching Female Athletes

  • Athletics Australia - Introduction to Coaching Athletes with a Disability

  • Athletics Australia - Play By The Rules (PBTR): Child Protection & Safeguarding

  • Athletics Australia - PBTR: Harassment & Discrimination

  • Athletics Australia - Speed Masterclass

  • Athletics Australia - New Sprinting Drills

  • Jonas Dodoo (SpeedWorks) Workshop

Kel has a current Working With Children Check - WWC2089900E Exp: 16/04/2026


So why not take your running to the next level and join My Run Team!

Meet The Team

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