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Around January 2020, I had given up running and got myself a new bike, thinking running was in the past and behind me, but then a few friends got me to register for a 12km run. I always had a passion for running but was very nervous to get injured! So I came across Kel's profile on Instagram, his profile seemed interesting, not a fast pace runner but passionate about running, so I asked him to help me out. From there my fresh journey began and I've gone to another level now.


I will be running my first marathon next week (the furthest I've run was 36.5km) and I want to run the six-foot track marathon in 2023!


Running a half marathon every weekend is normal for me now, I would strongly recommend Kel's guidance if you want to do your first half marathon/marathon. Kel has also helped out with small niggling issues I've come across and suggested good physio and massage places.


So if you're looking for someone to start your running journey, don't look around! You have Kel who is a very professional, gentle and motivating coach. He is also available to chat 24/7, now who can beat that?”​

Ruchir Patel, Senior Reinsurance Analyst​


“I have been a recreational runner since 2017 when my parkrun journey started. I began to slowly increase my distance with entering various distances including 10kms, half and full marathons but I have always done this under my own guidance and have been using the Galloway run/walk method.

This year I have wanted to push myself with my events, in particular the Gold Coast Marathon, and I enlisted Coach Kel to help me train for the upcoming event in July. I have been using Kel's custom online plan he set for me for the past few months with great results so far.

I have been able to grow my aerobic base to increase my fitness and have been able to run continuously without using walking breaks, something I wouldn't have been able to do without a great coach. In my plan Kel designed it to have me run slower and by minutes and not focus on the kms.

When I first started training with Kel he asked me how many sessions I can commit to being a busy mother and he has tailored my plan around my schedule with my overall goals in mind. He has been very approachable and responsive to all my questions and checks in on me every few days.

I'm looking forward to the next phase of my training plan and meeting up with Kel at the GC30 on the Gold Coast at the end of May and to be able to discuss the final weeks of my training plan. 

Thank you for your guidance and I can't wait to see how my Marathon and upcoming events go."

Steph Jansons


“Kel and I met at parkrun and became instant friends! Through our friendship, I saw the passion Kel had in helping others achieve their running goals. So, when I heard of the ASICS Gold Coast half marathon in July 2019, I knew I had to have Kel coach me.


Kel’s has a decorated background in the ACC, AFP and the RAAF. This reflects his experiences in high level situations which was exemplified through his coaching.


Kel’s has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sport of running. This further ingrained my trust in his coaching. His wholesome and holistic approach made me feel confident as I knew I was being treated not only as an athlete, but as a person.


Thanks Kel for your time and efforts in helping me achieve my goals!"

Yelsha Raguine

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